Diabetes mellitus is a disorder of body’s metabolism characterized and subsequent excretion of sugar in the urine. Diabetes mellitus is a chronic, lifelong condition that affects your body's ability to use the energy found in food. Diabetes is characterized by a set of diseases that is related to the pancreatic hormone, insulin. Patients are usually told that diabetes is a genetic condition that cannot be reversed. So, most patients with Type I or Type II diabetes choose to relieve their symptoms through conventional medicine that controls insulin levels temporarily.

Symptoms of Diabetes:

·        Excessive urination with high glucose content.

·        Excessive thirst

·        Excessive hunger

·        Blurry vision

·        Dehydration


Excess glucose in all body fluids, supplying food for bacteria, making one prone to infections, for instance a simple wound tends to fester badly.


Yogic Management for treatment:

Rhythm Yoga aims to offer natural yoga approach that not only cures the symptoms but also helps you maintain a healthy weight that eliminates the possibilities of diabetes in the future.

 Recommended yoga programs are:

-Rhythm of Life (12 days – lifestyle management program)

-Advance Rhythm of Life

-Diabetes Workshop (1 day)

-Therapeutic Yoga Sessions

-Hatha Yoga