Panic Attack, Stress, Worries and Anxiety Disorders

Panic Attack, Stress, Worries and Anxiety Disorders

Unrelenting doubts and fears can be paralyzing. They can sap your emotional energy, send your anxiety levels soaring, and interfere with your daily life. But chronic worrying is a mental habit that can be broken. An anxiety disorder, a state of excessive uneasiness, worry, or fear of the unknown, which needs to be treated, and this is where yoga can help.


How can yoga help get over mental tensions?

Regular yoga practise & practising mindfulness can help you stay calm, relaxed in daily life and can also give you the inner strength to face events as they come without getting restless & agitated.


Yoga practice includes the following for the treatment of mental tensions & face life with new positivity and strength:




-Karma Yoga & Diet


Recommended Courses at our centre for Relief from Stress, Anxiety & Mental tension:


 -Rhythm of Life


-Advance Rhythm of Life

-Pranayama Course

-Yoga Nidra Level 1 &Level 2

- Meditations


- Therapeutic Yoga Sessions


-Hatha Yoga