Cure from Mixed Connective Tissue Disease


Cure from Mixed Connective Tissue Disease

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When I first came to know about Rhythm Yoga. I thought this is also another stretching class which I have seen on TV. But once I faced a health crisis I remembered about this centre as my friend told me this particular 10 day yoga program (Rhythm of Life) has specially designed to address health issues and for general well-being.

I was diagnosed with a disease called MCTD (Mixed Connective Tissue Disease).

I was under steroid and Imuran treatment for about 1 ½ years. These medicines helped significantly to control the disease. My doctor told me I need to take this medicine for life time. When I was worried he showed me the examples of small children who got this disease and they also have to take this medicine longer period than me as per their age. My sufferings from the disease made me strong to take a constructive decision and I decided to stop medicine and started doing Yoga with SanjeeveGuruji – he is my saviour. First day, when I went to RYC I couldn’t sit on the floor, all my joints were swollen and painful, my skin and kidney wereaffected asside effects of themedicine I took. I did ROL program in February 2012, and completely came out of the disease within a span of 6 months.

During this process, I did parallel blood tests once in two months for about one year, andtook continues guidance from Guruji. Even after the ROL program Guruji allowed me to follow free classes (Hatha Yoga) regularly.I shifted my life style more towards the nature; I drank various juices to cleanse the body; and ate mostly raw food to rejuvenate the body, prescribed by Guruji and continued with regular practices of stretches given according to my requirements; breathing techniques and meditations. Gradually, I was re-born.

My sincere THANKS to;

  1. Sanjeev Guruji– My Yoga Master
  2. Bala – Assistant to Guruji, who guided me to do stretches
  3. Doctor Babu – who referred me to SanjeeveGuruji, and treated me for my kidney issues that I had, as side effects.
  4. Doctor Darwish – who treated me, initially, for MCTDDarryl & Carol – My friends

My message – This is a different Yoga Centre. Its programmes are specially designed to give you, life knowledge for general well-being and it gives you what YOU WANT. This centre is for all of you. I strongly feel thatSanjeeveGuruji’s programmes should be included in school’s curriculum. Please also read the below article about MCTD (the disease I had). Western medicines and its tools are far more advance and perfect to attach a disease at a serious stage. Yoga is to prevent diseases and to live a happy healthy life.

Rita De Silva
Mixed Connective Tissue Disease

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