Hatha Yoga

A stretch to fetch the health of a lifetime and to maintain strength at all levels

Health brings wealth , but wealth will not give health

"A strong physical body can enhance the power of breath.
A strong life force enhances the life energy in the individual.
Such a strong body and the powerful breath disciplines the mind. 
Such disciplined mind alone can broaden the knowledge
To wisdom and enhance it to realize the universality of life." 

Hatha Yoga is the traditional, authentic classical form derived from nature centuries back.  Today this system has been cataloged and categorized in different names. The unadulterated form of physical yogic practices is Hatha Yoga. All physical forms of yoga have hence been derived from Hatha Yoga.

Hatha Yoga is a combination of two Sanskrit words, Ha (Sun) and Tha (Moon). Moon is cold, Sun is heat. Excess of either of these is death. Balance in between is life. These physical practices help an individual to bring in a balance in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plane.

A good posture instills  the strength , endurance and perseverance .

And this  ability  of a strong body and mind can lead to meditation that can rise to greater knowledge and realize the beauty of the self, set deep within every life.


  • Physical imbalances are rectified by postural practices
  • Chemical imbalances are set right by physiological rectifications
  • All physiological functions synchronize in harmony .
  • Enables an individual to have a physical and mental balance
  • Overall development of the personality with a broader outlook

Class Timings

Week Days - Jumeirah
ConsultationsTherapeutic Yoga
Sunday - Thursday
7.00,8.30,9.30 am4.30,5.00,6.00 pm
FridayYoga programsYoga Programs
Week Days - Karama MorningEvening
SaturdayConsultationsTherapeutic Yoga
Sunday - Thursday
6.00,8.30,10.30 am5.30,6.30,7.30 pm
FridayYoga ProgramsYoga Programs

Packages & Rates

          Group session Rates - Jumeirah                                        Group session Rates - Karama  

10 Day Sessions : Please contact the center
AED 400 (40 AED per session)                      
20 Day Sessions : Please contact the center
AED 700 (35 AED per session)
30 Day Sessions : Pls contact the center
AED 900 (30 AED per session)

*Private sessions available for individuals and groups

For more details Contact Office:

Jumeirah : +971 4 3987595 , +971 52 587 4999  | Email : fitness@rhythmyoga.ae

Karama : +971 4 334 8955 , +971 55 550 1628  | Email : wellness@rhythmyoga.ae