Prana Means Life , Ayama means extend and expand the breath.

Pranayama means extending your life energy


  • Life sustains when breath is retained.
  • If we breathe 50% life will be 50 %.
  • A energized life is  possible by a vibrant breath only.
  • Pranayama reduces anxiety and depression, and lowers and stabilizes blood pressure.
  • It increases your energy levels.
  • It increases muscle relaxation, and thus lowers the  feelings of stress.
  • Less energy more negativeness in the mind will manifest.

Class Timings

Special programs are scheduled for such sessions

1)In Rhythm of Life classes special emphasis are given to correct,
energize and purify the body.

2) 5 days - Pranayama sessions are also available / -

  Upcoming Pranayama sessions will be updated soon.


Packages & Rates

5 Days Pranayama session including the practice manual

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