Rhythm Of Life - Regain Your Life's Rhythm in 12 days !!

Become Your own master to make your life a Master piece

Realize to materialize your dreams for manifesting them into reality

    Rhythm Of Life is a journey into the Knowledge of your own self in 12 days, a turnaround to potentialities in all dimensions, financial, intellectual, interpersonal relationships,spiritual and  helps to develop your personality , to achieve your higher objectives in personal and professional developments rectifying  imbalances at all levels.

Various testimonials are incorporated related to this program.


  • All types of psychosomatic diseases gets the relief and in certain cases it vanishes.
  • Diseases that are common these days like Diabetes, Hypertension,blood pressure etc, are relieved.
  • It provides a solution for various spinal issues, Obesity,Sciatic pains, cervical spondylitis.
  • Relieves stress related issues like palpitations, and helps to calm your inner self
  • It brings in discipline for a beginner, a solution for the ailing, a cure for many in various imbalances of the body and the mind.
  • Cure from all types of breathing related issues.,stamina building techniques.etc.

Class Timings

Upcoming programs will be updated as per schedule

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Packages & Rates

     RHYTHM OF LIFE - @ Karama                                                                                

12 Day Sessions : 2500 AED / Person                    

Couple Discounts : 2250 AED                                     

Children below 8 years : 250 AED                            

Children between 8 and 14 years : 1250 AED        

Family Discounts : 2125 AED / Person                      

For Rhythm of Life class timings & rates - Jumeirah Studio please give us a call on 043987595/0525874999.


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