Teachers Training Programme

The training imparted is not just on the Yoga asanas, but is based on the entire yoga sutras

Accredited by The Council OF YOGA Accredition, CYA International and Endorsed by REPS UAE.

Yogic science apart from just mere physical practices is much more and the teacher in this knowledge has to have a greater in-depth study on the personality of a person.

 A deeper understanding on the subject will enhance the teacher to understand life and also be an instrument to pass on the knowledge to those who come across in their lives.

This program is for those dedicated to grow in this knowledge and wisdom and to attain a deeper level to carry forward this noble tradition to the generations to follow and bring in good will, good health, peace and happiness to themselves and the world around them.  

Study of Yoga Sutras with special focus on understanding of Dharma.based on Indian Philosophy of Universal life.

The philosophy of human mind as a whole in its approach to the human lives in this world, to adhere to principles that can bring in peace and harmony to oneself ,to the society and the world at large .

Based on Universality ,scientific and logical mind of the human race to live and let live with love and responsibility to one another as not apart from ones self but a part and parcel of the world to bring in peace ,wellness ,health ,goodness ,and happiness to individuals,society ,nations and the world at large .

This is an application to be downloaded by one and all who needs and who cares  for the wellness of the

individual self and the world. 

Class Timings

The International Teacher training program  consists of 200 hours in total and is for 2 months.

TTC Free Introduction Date   : Wll be updated soon

Start Date   : Will be updated soon 

Will be 3 hours each sessions on Weekdays

200 hours TTC includes :

28 hours = Rhythm of Life

TTC theory and practical sessions = 72 hours

48 hours = Residential TTC retreat

28hours= Internship

24 hours = Refresher classes = 200hours

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Register in advance for those who want to be an international Yoga teacher with all the certifications.

With the traditional knowledge from the land of the origin of Yoga in the most authentic and classical approach to this great science for  self-wellbeing and to contribute to the world as a beacon of light to this universal knowledge.

Packages & Rates

International Yoga Teachers Training  

Will be 3 hours each session on Weekdays 

2 months – $2740 (AED 10,000) plus TTC retreat expenses will be additional 

First payment 50% – $1370 (AED 5000)

Second Instalment 50% – – $1370 (AED 5000)

Postdated cheques to be provided for the instalment amount.

The investment will be $2740

Early registrations/Onetime payment before 11th June will get 10percent discount (AED 1000).

For further details, contact the Registered Office, Phone No: +971 4 334 8955, +971 55 5501628