Therapeutic Yoga - Specific Health Ailments

Cure all health issues by the supreme awareness to health and wellness

Life is to be in Balance /Imbalances is diseases/Yoga is the the path to balance


  • Therapeutic Yoga is for individuals for special care and healing processes through yoga.
  • When imbalances sets in, special care is needed to bring the health to balance.
  • Yoga therapy is a tool to help heal a specific problem, and improve the health status in human life.
  • It targets the root cause of affliction, and cures it, or appeases the symptoms
  • This is a special care for the needy to overcome any type of physical or mental issues and to overcome all imbalances and to regain health in all dimensions.

Class Timings

Therapeutic Yoga workshops for the month of June will be updated soon.

*Please check News & Events (About) on the website for further details.


Packages & Rates

1 Person : 200 AED per session /individual at Karama

   Group sessions @ Karama
1 Person : 200 AED Individual 
2 Persons : 300 AED (150 x 2)
3 Persons : 300 AED (100 x 3)
4 Persons : 300 AED (75 x 4)