Yoga Nidra - Blissful Relaxation

“Past is past, impressions of them destroys the present”.

Realize your dreams - Nurture your life to blossom


  • Yoga Nidra enhances your mental focus and attention span
  • It also improves your creativity and whole brain functioning
  • It reduces your chronic pain suffering and soothes your autonomic nervous system
  • Helps create new neural pathways in your brain leading to healthy habits & routines
  • Blossoms your creative potentiality
  • Nurtures  your dream into reality by deep relaxation
  • A technique smooth to comprehend and manifest
  • Develops your ESP(Extra sensory perceptions) and telepathy 

Class Timings

Level 1 : Will be updated soon.

Level 2 : Will be updated soon.

Packages & Rates

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