Student Experiences

My experience has been very beneficial for my health as I was in constant back pain and it seems to have disappeared since the programme. My stress level has decreased considerably.I feel very lucky to have had such a wonderful teacher ,

I want to definitely learn more and make this center of Yoga a part of my life.

Teresa Cotton 7/4/2007

It has been a fantastic experience. I am too emotional with the thought of parting from this wonderful experience.

Guruji has been absolutely great. Till now I was trying various kind of methods to feel good & fit

but these 10 days session has changed my outlook towards life.

Mita Sahai 4/18/2007

Guruji's visions have been an eye opener to me.

I used to have negative attitude towards my children, husband and my relatives but his programme has changed my life and I hope I will make my home the sweet home.

Guruji helped me change myself which was not possible to anyone other than you.

Nisha 4/18/2007

During 10 days of "Rhythm Of Life"program I achieved and improved a lot .

I lost weight.I feel light,healthy and my mind is strong.I learnt a lot about Yoga,breath disciplining,happiness.

The students in my group became my family and Guruji-a father.

Ayna Wilson 7/4/2007

My health has improved ,my breathing is much better and my mind is more under control.I am up for the challenges of my life,my energy is up and stress is on the run. I feel much lighter - mentally spiritually and physically.I want more and more and feel my inner self being more strong.

Eric Wilson 7/04/2007


                 Guru ji, Albeit late, I would like to thank you sincerely for introducing and making me experience the benefits of Yoga - the Rhythm of Life. As you were aware, the kind of ailments I was suffering from before I joined the 10-day course. I have been practicing the art, as per your teachings and guidance, on a daily basis and today, I am very pleased to inform you that I have recovered myself from most of the ailments that I was suffering from and the immense gains are:

1. Body flexibility. Now. I am able to sit on the floor and perform my work without any difficulty or strain. Able to stretch my legs well without pain. This act was a big relief for me, since the Doctors diagnosed that I was suffering from Ostro-Arthritis and needed a surgery.

2. Completely recovered from Gastro-epharsis reflex disease (GERD) without taking any medication.

3. Getting good sleep at night and feeling energetic the whole day.

4. Recovered from the inflammation and pain on chest and rib area

5. Calmness in mind. 6. Good weight reduction. Recently, while I was in India, suddenly I was experiencing a sort of giddiness. I was not able to stand for a while when I got up from the bed. Frequent visit to the doctors for a remedy were of no avail until I saw you last week.

Your understanding to the problem and a quick healing touch did a miracle and I am gradually recovering from the giddiness now. Guruji - I confidently state here, but for your excellent teachings and the guidance on the correct methods of Yoga, I would not have recovered from the sufferings I experienced. My family and myself convey our respectful thanks to you for your continued teachings, guidance and assistance in making me feel confident in life and assuring the greatness of yoga. We wish you continue your service on Yoga successfully for a long time to come to the welfare of communities and people.

Sumathi Ramanujan 7/16/2007

My back pain is much better and headaches as well.I am much more composed and do not get irritated easily.

The knowledge I got here is just so extraordinary along with a blend of day to day information that I never thought I will take it up so seriously.

I am much relieved from all the stress as well making me much more composed and calm in any situations.

Mrs. Humaira Faisal 8/15/2007

Health wise I feel much lighter and fit, ability to control and bring back the floating tendency of the mind. The Knowledge and talks by Guruji were very inspiring and I received a genuine picturisation of Yoga and its benefits.

I sincerely feel this is a very balanced course for all.

Dr. Anup U.K. 8/15/2007

My whole family had joined this program and gained a lot through Guruji's Rhythm of Life Program.

My wife was suffering from mental depression for the last 1 year and taking strong medicines to cure but it persisted .

After the program my wife is more energetic, mentally and physically stronger and slowly has stopped the medicines.

My outlook to world, my stress, and my anger everything was high before joining.

Guruji not only taught simple exercises to keep body fit but also purified our mind, our vision and knowledge.

Pranayama and Meditation has helped me focus to increase our concentration and memory power.

Our Guruji's way of teaching Pranayama, meditation, Rhythm of Life and many others are easy to understand and helps to lead a very healthy life.

V. Manimaran 1/07/2008

My health is much better. I came with a cough that I couldn't get rid of for 2 months; it went away in few hours. Also I feel a lot better with more energy & able to carry on till late in the night. Earlier by  7 pm I could be ready to go to bed. My mind control is much stronger, can see things clearly. Learnt a lot of new things, and I feel hungry to learn more. After the exercise I feel I am ready to take on the world. I can better manage stress and don't get disturbed by little things. I feel I can take things with much more ease and am ready to take on more challenges. Excellent course, will recommend to all my friends.

Sonal 2/21/2008

The Rhythm of Life is a life changing experience for those who are lucky enough to stumble upon it.

It has a very positive effect on my health. The small but problems like backaches, headaches, insomnia, low energy levels have completely disappeared. I feel 100% more healthy than I was 10 days ago. The priceless wisdom that was gained during the course of the program will help me with not only the physical but the mental and divine management of my life.

The 10 days gave me a holistic approach to managing my life which includes physical fitness and mental health, focus and concentration as well as spiritual health.

Thank you Guruji  for tuning my Rhythm may Allah increases your knowledge and gives you the strength to spread and improve this knowledge.

Nisar Ahmed Khan 4/11/2008

I came here for my backache and migraine. I am really thankful to Sanjeev our Guru to over come my major problem in my life which affects my day to day life. Now I am much concentrated on things which earlier I was not.

We got a very beautiful knowledge here, earlier we even don't know how small things are affected to life, such as food.

What we eat, what we think, how negativity affect our health and mind.

Now I am feeling more energetic and I lost weight also.

Really very thankful to Sanjeev from the depth of my heart.

Nazma Khan 4/11/2008

Experience was fantastic I never expected I will gain this much thank you

A) Health wise I feel fitter more control on my body as well as on diet.

B) Mind control: can control mind better

C) A lot of knowledge about breathing, humanity, vision etc...

D) Improved my concentration, confidence. Improved my way of dealing with other peoples. Re instated positive self awareness.

E) I learned the importance of responsibility; I should be responsible for my health so that I can take care of my dear ones and loved ones.

F) Congestion in the chest eliminated feeling more energetic.

G) Beach exercise was very good. Thank you.

Manzoor 29/07/2008

I lost 3 kg., I sleep very well now, and I'm more concentrated than before. I have more energy to do my house works and I know how to use this energies and that's the difference. I feel like a divine inspiration when I think of my family. I start to know myself in this course. I found beautiful person full of love and happiness, the most important is I LOVE MYSELF LIKE I AM.

My stress is gone out. I don't need it never more!

I accept my life and my responsibility with me.

The method is fantastic because it touches the points that we need to know in life

Maria Alencastro 4/11/2008

I am very happy that I found this program. What I get is much more than what I expected. I came to this course because I was feeling completely out of balance. I was diagnosed by doctors with anomaly in my brain, for that reason I've done an operation in 2003, and part of this I have fluid in my spine that's why the doctor wants to operate again. They told me the damage is already done. I have to learn to live with, so much pain. This all makes me very depressed.

In ten days of a course, I am free of all these. In all these days I could enjoy the power of my attitude, how you can change things in life when you know how to manage yourself. Thanks Sanjeev and the center for this wonderful opportunity.

Silvia Boeira 4/11/2008

First of all I am really thankful to yourself and MARS, who gave me this opportunity to learn a beautiful thing (YOGA) in my life. This program gave me lot of improvements like how positive mind set is driving us. Now I am physically stronger. My mind control is improving better. Due to this I am grasping more knowledge and I can manage things & situations in a better way. My stress level totally reduced, and I have improved good relationship with all others. Thank you & MARS a lot.

Kumaresan Narayanan 7/29/2008 MARS GCC

This has been a great experience for me personally and I think these are memories I would treasure for the rest of my life. I have learned how to better my concentration and focus. This lesson helped me realize the leader within me and if I enjoyed what I did, I could give it my 100%. Thanks to all this knowledge I don't think there's any room for stress. I would like to conclude by saying that this has been the greatest experience for me. 

Master Vikram 9/28/2007

I can feel the total energy level has increased. It has a very nice impact on my daily schedule. I am totally awake whole day with full of energy. Since I was depressed, I used to scream and shout at people unnecessarily. Now I have calmed down . A lot of things learnt, most importantly how I can be good human being and how to help others when they need it. Blood pressure has come down, a lot of mental peace. I have found a very good teacher and support system. It is so nice to realize that there is somebody whom we can depend on for any sort of advice.

Jolsna Srijit 9/28/2007

Health wise yoga has benefited me a lot. I was suffering from migraine from the last 20 years, after doing this Rhythm of life course for 10 days my migraine has just vanished. What the doctors could not treat me in 20 years the yoga has done it in 10 days. I have learnt to control my mind in lot of ways. I have learnt to control my anger, which is a great change. Gained a lot of good and true knowledge . After doing I am more active and feel so light. I lost weight and learnt to be more cheerful.

Renu Vineet Pantvaidya 1/6/2008

It has made me feel very good. My body used to hurt all the time, my back would hurt. I would not be able to sleep well at night. But all this has changed. I feel very healthy and fresh physically. Through yoga I have more self awareness and so I can manage my thoughts and desires beautifully. I have deeper knowledge of life . "WOW" is the state of mind I am in. which has changed, only because of Guruji's talk (Rhythm of Life). I suggest that this program should be for 20 days at least. The benefits from this program have been countless, peace of mind, stress management, enhancement of our mental and spiritual skills. I feel I am on the right path and there is no looking back.

Pallavi 1/7/2008

The program has improved the rhythm of my life. It has brought in a certain time discipline. I have become a person with lots of time to do the things I really want. The program has helped me to overcome my time stress and also my craving for certain foods like sweets. I feel now with a balanced approach I can enjoy without becoming a slave to the craving. I have picked a good understanding of the mechanisms behind happiness and desires. This will help me to prioritize mine and my family's life to be more joyful and happy. I feel healthier and I think that I have lost a couple of kilos in weight and have become more energetic due to the more nutritious food that I am eating now. The program has reduced my stress levels, improved my sleep quality and has given me lots of knowledge to manage myself better going forward. I look forward to a life where I continually take a leader approach and make myself and others happy. I thank you for all the wonderful tips and knowledge you have passed across in a patient and joyful manner.

Manoj Divakaran 2/21/2008


                                                      It has been nearly a year now when two doctors ( an orthopedic and a neurologist ), basing on the MRI result of my spinal column, were very eager to do microdisectomy operation on my lower back to scrape the so called migrated discs of my L-4 and L-5 lumbar spine. According to their medical wisdom and experience, that was the only way to get rid of my back and leg pains.Trying to deal pragmatically with my situation that time, it was very evident that the blame was on me. I didn't care that much and thought that my body could handle well all the misuse and abuse that I have been doing for my satisfaction. Carrying of heavy backpacks & luggage, bad sitting posture, incorrect weight lifting at the gym, in-discriminating eating habits and somewhat abusive lifestyle had taken their toll on me. It was a blessing in disguise when during that time, our finance was low and my health insurance had just expired. Because had everything been readily available, I would have blindly followed the doctors' verdict and went on with operation. And as if by design, my immediate superior also suffered the same situation some years back and suggested that I try yoga and introduced me to my guruji, Mr. Sanjeev. And so, I attended the program of Rhythm of Life and the rest, as they say, was history. My sickness was like a wake up call for me to be more at tuned to my body's needs and yoga made me realize it, not only through the breathing techniques, body postures and meditation but also the inspirational talks of Mr. Sanjeev that are not only spiritual but surprisingly practical and even scientific. The whole process made me aware of my inner self , my body's capacity to heal itself at the same time its limitations and also my relationship to the universe. The program made me whole again. I would say that this was the main reason why my back and leg pains have now reduced dramatically by 90 %. About three weeks ago, I had another MRI scan and gave me a more factual rationale for the reduction of my pains. The L-5 slipped discs had been repaired and the L-4's slipped disc had been reduced. I'm definitely on the road to recovery and the neurosurgeon who recommended the operation was also happy with the result and advised me to continue what I have been doing. Operation no longer required. With yoga, I know that my body's regeneration is out of the question but I'm out to retard it's degeneration with proper food, exercise, lifestyle and positive attitude.

Mr.Rico Apostol Quinmo 6/14/2008

A) Increase sport performance in running and biking.Improve recovery time from cold & flu. B) Better consciousness of how the mind is working and therefore increase its control. Be conscious of the freedom to choose and not being a slave. C) Better understanding of how the body is working. Understanding of the power of the mind and the body D) Using breathing exercise, taking control over ourselves, and the motion of responsibility. I am responsible to be stressed or not stressed. E) Improve self confidence and therefore increased the potential and performance.

Alessandro 7/29/2008

The breathing exercises has helped me in calming my mood swings and I feel light.I felt easier to control my mind .My knowledge of foods and way of living has widened to amazing heights which I will follow and make the best of it in my life.I feel very easy now to relieve my stress level with the key to meditation. I feel everything that is going around me can be managed by me .I feel stronger and confident that I can face whatever life throws at me and come out of it successfully.Thank you Guruji for the wonderful knowledge that you have given me

Veena Lingannan 8/26/2008

The experience is to be lived, to be believed. An unforgettable learning process, setting you on a journey of experiencing the best within you. I am more energetic and lively Calmer, receptive, focused, vibrant and undisturbed with surrounding challenges. Gained immense wealth of knowledge Haven't felt any stress lately, not even on the road. I am observing people around me unfolding the drama of their lives and feeling fortunate for the privilege of gaining all the knowledge from Guruji. Guruji, you are a jewel. An exemplary Yogi. My friend, guide and mentor. Thank you for your presence in my life. A beautiful gift from god.

Goolcher Navdar 1/14/2009

This program had helped in obtaining the best practices for maintaining my health as I can breathe better and feel energized every morning.For example I had work load for few weeks ,I did not have the energy to do but from the forth day of the program I had delivered all the requirements excellently . Currently I am more focused and having clear vision of myself to be able to give 100% to my beloved and to the world. In addition the way of linking the day to day on scientific basis had strengthened my spiritual mindset.

Fadi Abusaleh 5/25/2009

I am now breathing well and both my nostrils are always open. I am the master of my own mind. All the knowledge were taught scientifically as well to make one a better person. I am calm, relaxed and peaceful no more tension within me. The program as a whole adopting a very holistic approach because it involves detoxification ,breathing techniques ,exercises,back ,joints ,meditation and to top it each member feels like a large family. The love among the members and of Guruji resonates the whole room. The teaching sessions by Guruji is beautiful blend between scientific knowledge and its application in all aspects of human life. All in all a fantastic experience.

Dr. Caroline 5/25/2009

"Rhythm Of Life" I must say has really kept its name in all ways and aspects. Our Guruji is really a truly magnificent person who has so superbly yet so meaningfully given us his knowledge about how one should go about in his own life physically, mentally and spiritually. how to manage all these three and enjoy life to the fullest doing all the right actions .I had personally benefited in all aspects more than what I was looking for,. Benefits are unbelievable in all aspects of wise really wonderful. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Guruji and Rhythm Of Life.God bless you always.

Savitha Ramesh 6/4/2009

The program popped into my sphere via an article and since then it was always at the back of my ind. When 2010 came something clicked in me, I came to the centre and reconnected with myself in a very unique way. Besides the physical benefits of breathing, yoga postures and the diet, I feel I got the best fine tuning ever. I have always been philosophical and optimistic person and it was great to understand in more detail Yogic Management Principles that I can apply in my Life. Guruji Sanjeev you have brought great gifts into the lives of all your Students.

Natasha D'souza 2/6/2010

It has had a tremendous effect on my health. I used to be always depressed, however care I took of my food, medicines, almost every month I would land up in the hospital for high blood pressure.The last time I was in the hospital and saw the scared look on my son's face I decided to do take it up really seriously and as luck would have it, got to know about the program and immediately joined it.Most of my health issues are resolved. I always thought I was calm but obviously I was not and realized that only after I joined the program. It was given very great knowledge to make life face any situation at all times.

Mrs. Smeeta Meherish 5/11/2010
This course has probably been one of the best experience in my life. I started the Rhythm Of Life rather skeptically and only to accompany my wife who has severe osteo-arthritis but i am surprised not only how much i have enjoyed it but also the benefits I have derived from it. On the physical level i find that my breathing has improved and I find myself much more energetic and relaxed . On the mental level I have learnt that as long as one is focused and determined no task is too great I have learnt a lot about the science of yoga and the philosophy of life, peace and harmony.
Irshad Nooruddin 2/17/2011
Dear Guruji, I will never forget the knowledge you have given me. Your very presence in my life has benefited me 100%+10%=110%. Firstly your life and the way you live it needs to be commended. I would like to thank you for being such an inspiration to me. After this program I can say I can manage anyone. I would like to add how you have enriched my life. "He sat on one knee, right in front of me,smiled at my negativity, Guruji you will always be, The intelligent teacher, father, friend and company spreading your light around the world. You shine in each of our smiles, I will never forget your wisdom, I will never forget your smile, I will always come to see you once in a while. Love, Andrea 11-10-2011
Andrea Sequeira 10/13/2011

I learned to be positive in life. I now understand the human body and the mind. I have understood the relationship the mind and body has. Now I realized that all the stress what I have taken in life was destroying my health, hence hereafter I will take things in a positive angle and live my life. All the lectures delivered by Guruji in last 10 days was so much interesting and knowledgeable. Every topic was explained so well, no one can forget or refuse to adopt in our life. Overall my experiences out of the program was fantastic, educative and knowledgeable.

Shahjahan 10/13/2011

This program benefited me more to release my stress.Now I am more strong and can face any future things. Guruji,you are an amazing person from whom I got the knowledge ,how to live my own life .I feel the lightness of my body and more healthier to manage my full day with more energy. I would like to thank my friend [Vinitha] my best pal of my life for giving me an opportunity to meet a nice person in my life and I am really happy. No more words to explain about you Guruji .Each and every word of yours made my mind and heart fresh and new on my own. Thank you so much

Amrithalakshmi 10/13/2011

Rhythm Of Life has helped me have a drastic change in my life. I used to cry a lot and always feel sad. But now things are different, thanks to God and my friends to show me the right direction. Guruji is a person who taught me many things Also the best thing about him is that he only believes in giving and not taking. This course has much more value than the price we pay. He goes out of his way to help us. I didn't know this course is just meant for helping we humans to live happily and to learn to face everything. Apart from that the best thing is he has given much more than what he has committed without any expectations. Thank you so much Guruji

Khadeeja 10/13/2011


                      This is the true story of me (Saravanan) and my wife (Kalpana) and the impact ROL has made to our lives. I am stating the truth in its completeness here and truth is not always the most pleasant thing to disclose. As you may be aware, ROL has various physical, mental, psychological benefits which both of us have experienced. This testimony is not about these; it is about Love, Joy, Happiness, Harmony and Bliss, my wife and I rediscovered by doing ROL together. A little bit of background to get things warmed; we met almost 18 years ago, were in love for 5 years, got married 13 years ago and have two wonderful children. Love was good during the lovers phase and it was great during the first few years of marriage as we discovered love infused with lust and passion; then things started to go downhill. The first child came, I got ahead in my career, then the second child came, I got further ahead in my career; my wife got super-busy being a mother, a wife, a nanny, a cook, a caretaker, a maid and so many other roles which only a women can do in parallel. In these years we accumulated a lot of material wealth but we also got some surprise bonuses each year such as diabetes, hypertension, depression, back disc issue, cervical spondylitis, etc to name a few. We started taking each other for granted and lost interest in each other; the love was lost and the lust was a depressurizing routine; then we hit the magic 10th anniversary and our mid-life crisis began. We started resenting each other and yes, I was in deep depression with regular intake of nerve numbing drugs. My wife on the other hand was threatening to ditch me unless I met the Yoga master she believed in (and I did not at that time), I unwillingly met Mr. Sanjeev Krishnan 3 years ago; my plan was to spend 15 minutes with this guy and leave so my wife cannot use this as a threat to leave me. That first meeting lasted 2 hours. I then did the Yoga Nidra and ROL and was fully out of my depression in 20 days and Mr. Sanjeev Krishnan became Guruji for me. Yes, it sounds rude but for me Guruji had to manifest in me as I am a personality for whom respect is earned and cannot be forced. My wife and I did the ROL-I and Yoga Nidra separately and were cured of our physical and physiological ailments and our married life became a smooth routine once again; but the love, the mad love which attracted me to her and her to me 18 years ago was non-existent. One day while we were casually discussing we recalled whereby Guruji had said that the ROL has to be experienced together as a couple; so we decided to give this a try as well to see if it will reignite love. We flew in our parents to take care of the children and we once again joined ROL-I. Within days, we realized that a family can only function when there is absolute faith, trust, confidence and harmony between the husband and wife. We jointly discovered the leader / follower qualities in each of us and began to support the other as needed. We became yoga buddies during our practice every morning and that one hour we spent after packing the kids to school became our time which we eagerly look forward to every morning. We lost our ego and discovered that we were a part of each other and one cannot function properly without the other. We finally rediscovered our lost love. We decided to enhance this further and decided to joint ROL Advance. What amazes me is people have started noticing that we now behave like lovers and the truth is we do. We are deeply / madly / infinitely in love with each other and it shows; and yes, we are proud of this.This is our true journey with ROL and we will not let this newly rediscovered love be lost. Our life is now in bliss and the effect of our harmony transcends into the happiness of our children, our parents and all our friends and relatives. I have understood my wife much better in the past three months than I have understood her in the past 18 years; I now know what she likes, what her temperament is, and what she really expects from me and I am delighted to make her happy in every possible way I can.We met a gentleman called Sanjeev Krishnan three years ago and very soon discovered him as our Guruji and have now realized him as not only our Guruji but also as our father, friend, philosopher and guide. We and our children are deeply indebted to Guruji for saving our marriage and making us realize our true love. Words cannot repay this debt but actions can;and the action we have decided to take is to continue and enhance the wisdom he has imparted to us for the rest of our lives and spread this wonderful program to one and all Thank you for taking the time to read this testimony and wish you all a wonderful ROL journey,

Saravanan & Kalpana 7/9/2015

Back Pain Is Not Back Again

A True story by Santhosh Pais



Early 2009, I developed severe lower back pain. Initially I ignored it but when pain did not subside I went for a quick fix of taking pain killers hoping that the pain would disappear. When it did not, I visited a homeopath and took medicine prescribed by him for a couple of months besides 15 sessions of Ayurveda body massage and around 10 sessions of herbal massages.  


However even after 6 months when the pain did not subside I visited orthopedic doctor in Dubai who advised me to undergo an x-ray and MRI test both of which indicated a slip disc. I was advised take medication accompanied by several sessions of physio therapy. However since both of these did not show any improvement I was advised to undergo an operation which was the only option left.


I went to my home town in India and showed the MRI / x-ray to two renowned orthopedics in the region both of who strongly recommended that I undergo immediate operation followed by 45 days of bed rest for recovery. I was in two minds at that time whether to opt for the operation or suffer for the rest of my life. On the flip side, the idea of undergoing surgery was a bit scary since as it was not a guaranteed solution. If it was not successful it could lead to total paralysis owing to the problem in the spine.


Disappointed, I returned to Dubai with the medical reports and a ton of medication and wondered what the next course of action I could take. Some of my well wishers advised me to get into prayers while the others suggested weight reduction to ease the stress on my lower back due to excess weight. Suggestions also included daily walks and swimming to help me get back on the road to recovery.


I kept all my options open – medication and advice's  given by everyone along with some Google research of my own to help me get back to shape and back to my normal self. Besides this I was also advised to undergo acupressure and acupuncture therapies. Needless to say, the needles did give me some temporary relief but sooner than later I was back to square one and my limp was back. Driving, sleeping, long walks and even sitting became a problem.

Although I had some exposure to Yoga during my college days I didn’t pay much attention to the same because I felt that there was no need for it back then. There was an institute in my neighborhood in Dubai where I did try a few classes but since the focus was not given for the back pain it did not benefit me in any way and hence I decided to discontinue.


Then in 2010 I had the opportunity to attend a seminar on ‘The importance of Yoga in Life’ by Guruji Sanjeev Krishnan . Right after the seminar I made my way to Guruji and explained my current problem. He suggested that I do not go for operation but instead visit the studio for the Yoga session and he would fix it. “ You can take my word for it” he said and I felt “Wow!”. I scheduled a visit with all my reports /MRI and challenges. The meeting was quite fruitful and I enrolled myself for the 10 day workshop in August.?


The first two days were really tough and was not able to sit on the ground without any back support but I was made to feel comfortable by the talks and techniques. The later part of the week was quite interesting followed by homework of 10-15 minutes per day with very important asanas and pranayams which I did religiously and could witness improvement day by day. I must say that within 3 months I was able to walk more comfortably and sleep without many breaks.


My sincere thanks to Guruji for taking me through the wonderful 10 day Yoga workshop which was cost effective with no side effects.

Today, after 6 years I have participated in several marathons and Spartan races, climbed the Alphs, enjoyed daredevil water rides etc.

What is next? I ask myself!





Santhosh Pius