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Rhythm Yoga - Activities for CHILDREN
Published on : 2017-04-16T12:46:51.000Z
Rhythm Yoga - ISO Certification
Published on : 2017-04-16T08:18:04.000Z
Rhythm Yoga - Decade celebration
Published on : 2017-04-16T08:11:45.000Z
Rhythm yoga - Events
Published on : 2016-08-27T07:11:36.000Z
who has benefitted from his various classes and programs for the last more than a decade in the middle east. KNOWLEDGE is the foundation for growth in all fields specially onto wellness for individual/societies and the world and is the key for physical and mental health. A strong confident mind, courage, drive and enthusiasm to look forward for a dynamic and vibrant life with the foundation and the power of deep inner silence well maintained in the most tiring and challenging situations of modern living.
Rhythm Yoga - The body & the mind - Episodes
Published on : 2016-08-27T05:04:55.000Z
This unique knowledge is the transcendence of the keen interest he has had from his childhood and from 14 years of age ,under the tutelage of great masters and life experiences, has master minded these effective programs to suit the lives of anyone who is in thirst for the knowledge on health and wellbeing. The various programs designed by this Institution has helped people from all walks of life who has come into contact. Be it for any type of psychosomatic health issues ,like diabetes ,asthma ,breathing and lung disorders, obesity ,backaches,spinal issues ,depressions ,stress related issues ,losing confidence,cholesterol ,colitis and very many psychosomatic ailments. Relationship and bondings are made healthy be it in family ,businesses ,job environment ,children ,couples etc, is a unique solution envisaged by this effective sessions .